Musings about everything... and no thing...

Synthesizing my experience into a single word began as a game I first started playing when I traveled to Paris...a way to focused give meaning to blog posts about the trip. Since then, I've come to realize this as a form of meditation...a way to feel my way into an experience of something... to let judgment fall away... to capture the essence of a thing, place, person, interaction... often appearing as a single word...a word simultaneously devoid, and completely full of meaning.

I invite you to play along. View my images. Notice what you sense...see...hear. Choose your own word.

Having trouble connecting to the content or your word? I invite you to step into the shot...feel yourself in that that time...become the shooter...then become the experiencer. Sometimes this simple viewpoint shift is all it takes to get immersed and have that one, right word appear as if by magic.